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Feed your reef!

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The Basis For Life In The Ocean

Phytoplankton are some of Earth's most critical organisms because they form the base of virtually every ocean food web. In short, they make most other ocean life possible.

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Shouldn't It Be In Your Reef?

We spend hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on equipment that help us emulate a natural ecosystem in our reefs. We buy expensive foods to feed our fish and corals but we often overlook feeding the organisms lower in the food chain.

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         Feed Your Reef!

Phytoplankton will boost you Pod population. Pods range in size from microscopic (can't be seen with the naked eye) to macroscopic (can be seen). These crustaceans are essential to your reef because the are detritivores (they eat fish poop and uneaten food) and they also eat benthic microalgae (algae that grows on your sand and rocks). Pods are also a tasty and nutritious treat for you fish and corals because they are rich in fatty acids.

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Thank You For Your Support!

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